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Here at Off Road Action Park in Essex we have 2 motocross tracks available to both children and adults. We also have a kids motocross practice track.

Recently our main motocross track has under gone a complete rebuild to allow use of the track in the wet. Tons upon tons of bark chipping's have been added as well as some great jump re-designs.

The track offers a fully stock Motocross Shop with mechanical engineers available. A jet wash is available for you to wash your bike off after a good days ride. No need to take the bike home coated in mud.

We provide motocross track marshals during the week for large parties and the tracks are fully marshaled at the weekend.

Motocross Track Essex Opening Times:

Weekdays - 10am Until 4pm

Weekends - 10am Until 4pm

Some severe weather conditions can cause the track to close. Our track update at the top of this page is update with regular information.

Please note to book the track for private hire please contact us.

Motocross Track info:

Main Motocross Track: We currently run out main track in 3 groups each group runs in 20 minute sessions. Groups include - Novice / Intermediate / Expert. During quieter periods the intermediate and expert levels will run together.

Kids Motcross Track: Our Children's motocross track is suitable for MX bikes and quads. The riding sessions are split into 20 minute periods during busy days. On quiet days both quads and bikes may be on the track at the same time. This is the discretion of the chief marshal.

Track costs:

£20 per day (weekdays) on our main MX track / £25 per day on weekends.

£15 per day (weekdays) on our kids MX track / £20 per day on weekends.

Private Hire available midweek - full day is £250

Jet Wash £2

Motocross Track Rules:

  • All riders must have safety standard crash helmet, gloves and motorcross boots. However we STRONGLY ADVISE full motor cross clothing and body armour including neck brace. Motorcross is a dangerous sport and correct clothing saves lives!
  • All riders must sign a declaration form and obtain a colour coded wristband before being allowed to ride
  • No child under the age of 18 must be left unsupervised at any time
  • Any adult entering the track must obtain a high viz vest from the office
  • Children must be supervised at all times on the kids track by a responsible adult
  • No riding is allowed in the pits or the car park if you get caught doing so you will be asked to leave

MX Track Update

Closed 25-11-2010

Track Under Rebuild


Motocross Track In Essex


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